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(1) Company in brief:

Jin Jian Enterprise Co.,Ltd was established on 28th July 1967. The enterprise first started with a spectrum of various developments and manufacturing of components and parts for frequency reception, automotive and gases stoves etc. We are also into the business of manufacturing plastic nozzles for spray cans, ballpoint and fountain pens. In line with the enterprise plan for business diversification, Jin Jian invested in the development of micro precision cutting tools – Router Bits.

We have a R&D team that are capable of developing full solid tungsten carbide router bit that are use for most manufacturing of BGA, single and double side PCB or multi layer PCB. We also invested in fully automated machines and precise inspection equipment to ensure our quality commitment to our customer.

Jin Jian is committed to be a one-stop solution hub of router bit for our customer with different series, designs and sizes to suit various cutting conditions and parameters. We work with our customer relentlessly to improve their yield and reduce their cost of production. As such, we had invested in a manufacturing facility in Guangdong Province (China) so as to increased production to satisfy the high demand for our router bits and compete in the international arena.

(二) Our Contact:

Head Office:

Add: No. 47, Ji-Li 6th St. JUNGLI City320 TAOYUAN TAIWAN R. O. C.
TEL:(03) 4521133、(03) 4511066
FAX:(03) 4522128

Branch Office:
Add: Zhong Road,NanLang District Xing Tan Town ShunDe Area,GuangDong
TEL:(0757) 27380186
FAX:(0757) 27380999

(3) Company History:

1987 Established Jin Jian Enterprise Co., Ltd.
1987~1998 Developed components and parts for the electronic industries and invested in the cutting tools technology.
1998 Research and development of solid tungsten carbide router bits for PCB.
2002 Invested manufacturing facility in China.
2003 Mass production started in China factory.
2004 The Chinese Shanghai customer center officially had been established.

(4) Our Mission:

To develop good solid tungsten carbide router bit with innovations without compromising on quality so as to achieve total customer satisfaction.

(5) Our Competitive Edge:

- Good quality
- Short lead time
- Innovative in research and development
- Availability of latest and updated router bit design for testing on various production conditions

(6) Future Plans:

Both facilities in Taiwan and China to invest in high technology machinery and equipment to increase production and ensure quality.

(7) Our Customer:

We have customers in China, Taiwan and Thailand. To name a few, there are Vertex, CMK-GBM, Nanya PCB, SCT, PCB Center and many more. Our customer list is available upon request.

(8) ISO Certificates:

Quality System Registered to ISO 9001:2008

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(9) Enterprise Relations:

Ing Wen Precision Ent Co., Ltd.
▲ Intera Precision Metal Products Co., Ltd.
▲ Bothon Construction Co., Ltd.


Jin-Jian Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Jin-Jian Optronics Co., Ltd.